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The commercial breaks scheduling software for radio and television stations. Works with any playout software.



The browser-based tool for creating the proposals, invoices and broadcast reports for radio and television stations.



The browser-based tool for creating the proposals and invoices. Free for small businesses.


Back in the day, a small market radio station had approached us to code a simple application that would help them with scheduling the commercial breaks. The built-in commercials scheduling module in their automation software had provided only the very basic scheduling options. To be able to fulfill the advertisers' requests (especially those sent by the agencies), they had to work long hours to schedule everything manually. Lots of working hours had been spent in vain: a new order would arrive an hour after the schedule had been created, forcing them to start everything all over again.

Following the station's technical specifications and requirements, we had developed the first version of AdMaster traffic software. This simple program had turned their entire business upside down, boosting the sales to the unexpected level. 

Very soon, the word had started to spread. The other stations had asked if they could get it too. The commercial version of AdMaster had been released a couple of months later, bringing the breeze of fresh air to the commercials automation software market. 

The next logical step was to round the traffic and billing circle. This is how AdBiller was born. AdBiller is a browser-based tool that a radio or television station can use to create the proposals, invoices and broadcast reports to send them to the customers. 

Our latest product had took us outside of broadcast world. We named it BeeNvoice. This browser-based tool is a simple, efficient and powerful invoicing software suitable for any business. 

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